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With the world getting flatter due to global connectivity, there’s increasing migration between countries to tap into opportunities elsewhere. With decades of experience in the field of education, RK Overseas now provides exciting value based services for students seeking to study abroad and assist individuals who wish to migrate to other country.

RK Overseas is the go-to platform for students aspiring for world-class education overseas. With India’s explosive economic growth, there’s growing need for companies to hire professionals locally with a global outlook. This market dynamic has propelled the need for students to seek education that is in tune with the ever-evolving workplace demand. RK Overseas strives to give students transparent access to foreign universities and educational institutions. With our growing list of partnership with universities across the world, we are well-placed to assist students to fulfill their dream of studying abroad. Every student who enters our premise with a wish to further their education is given special care by first understanding their strengths and limitations and then matching the profile to an institution that complements their career aspirations.

RK Overseas is also the first choice for individuals planning to migrate to other country. Our team of experts check on your eligibility and assist you to go through the migration application process smoothly. We provide a complete suite of services to help realize your dream of working or migration. We have global channel partners in the destination countries to assist you in vetting the documents and to help you with settlement including accommodation on your arrival.

Our Story

Merging of industry veterans to serve you better.

Overseas education consultants in hyderabad
Overseas education consultants in hyderabad

About our future

Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Krishna come together to start RK Overseas drawing from decades of experience in serving the student and immigration industry.


The visionaries

Best consultancy in Hyderabad for Abroad Studies

Rakesh, Director, RK Overseas

Rakesh is the Founder and Director of RK Overseas. He inspires the team at RK Overseas in providing realistic student counseling and admission services. An experienced education consultant, certified counsellor, and educationist, specializing in working with global universities and guiding students to chart a successful career pathway, His expertise in areas of change management, driving business results, business strategy and developing student admission and counseling propositions is above par. With his proven ability to adapt quickly in the fast-paced & highly-dynamic education industry, Rakesh leads the organization through thought-to-execution leadership, delivering results and creating high-performing teams. With 18 years at the intersection of Education, Learning and Development, Career Guidance and Counseling, He has been instrumental in creating realistic opportunities for students wishing to scale new heights.

Best consultancy in Hyderabad for Abroad Studies

Krishna, Director, RK Overseas

Mr. Krishna is the Director of Smart Choice Education Services (SES) with over 14 years of experience in the field of student admission domestically and internationally. SES Education has been instrumental in assisting over two thousand students over the years to pursue further studies. With such a long track record of successful student assistance business, SES has carved a name for itself in the area of Student admission and career counseling.