Work Permit to Malta

Work Permit to Malta


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Malta with its perma-summer lifestyle is an attractive option for many people looking to relocate for work. It has a booming economy with wide options for work – Tourism, IT, Finance, and other sectors. Even during the global lockdown, Malta had a positive rate of economic growth. Malta is also a go-to destination as many businesses worldwide are investing in the country for its strategic location, flexible tax structure, and low-cost labor. With English as the official language, it makes it easier for people from other countries to adapt. There are many job options especially for people with technical knowledge.

Malta also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU at 5%, and there’s a clinging need for skilled staff, such as accounts and finance professionals, IT specialists, and property experts. There’s been an increased thrust from the local government to allow non-EU nationals to approve work permits within 5 working days of submission of application.


Work Visa Documentation


A valid passport with minimum validity of six months beyond the period of stay


Letter of offer from a prospective employer in Malta


Educational certificates


Birth certificate


Medical fitness Certificate


Passport style photograph

We can help you with marketing your resume to prospective employers in Malta. Assist you with the application process, document checklist, and follow-up with the embassy through the process.

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